The Bexar County High School Film Festival encourages San Antonio-area students to learn more about communications and their community by telling the stories that change lives. Each school in the festival works with a Bexar County nonprofit organization to create a three-minute video to be entered in the competition. Participating in the festival gives the students the chance to learn production skills and the nonprofits get to tell the world about the work they do.


Collaborating with their nonprofit client, students plan, write, direct, shoot and edit an outreach video to be screened during the festival. All the videos produced by the students are donated to the nonprofits being featured for their use in their marketing and recruiting efforts. Telling the story of their nonprofit's mission gives students  a behind-the-scenes look at how their nonprofit partner operates. They get an in-depth look at what goes into the day-to-day operations of a community service organization. Students who have had such experiences are more likely to volunteer, donate or even pursue careers in the nonprofit sector.


In addition to receiving a free marketing video for their organization's use, nonprofits  participating in the festival have the opportunity to raise awareness of their mission among creative young adults who will become the next generation of media producers. As marketing becomes more video-centric and story-driven, the relationships being forged during the festival will become even more important if nonprofits are to raise public awareness of their value.


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