The mission of TRL Productions is to help other nonprofit organizations create compelling videos highlighting their goals and the people who make them possible. By helping these organizations tell their stories in engaging ways, and at no charge, we help them raise awareness, recruit volunteers and generate donations while remaining focused on their core mission objectives.


Created in 2016 by professional journalists, photographers, graphic designers, and marketers, TRL Productions provides the experience and the infrastructure to tell service-focused stories in engaging and persuasive ways. We work with nonprofit organizations to create high-quality video productions telling their most compelling stories to a world-wide audience. A hungry family, a lonely senior, a homeless animal: those are the kinds of stories that touch individuals and change societies.


By raising awareness of nonprofit organizations and their missions, we bring communities and causes together. Combining decades of marketing, writing, photography and design experience, with the latest recording and editing equipment and software, TRL Productions provides nonprofit organizations with the expertise and tools necessary to create and maintain a relevant, successful video platform.


But it’s not just about “raising awareness.” The goal of TRL Productions is to go beyond awareness. The purpose of our work is to move viewers to volunteer, donate, advocate or otherwise engage with nonprofits and their missions.


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